Friday, September 19, 2008

Lost! but found!

Yes I admit its been a while since I last posted anything. Its interesting to note from my last blog its been two months from this exact date since I last posting anything. Life has been crazy and don’t you just hate it when it gets away from you and it takes you a while to roped it back in. Here are the high lights of the last few months.

I did change jobs back in July and no longer work as a customer service rep for the post office handling calls asking where peoples mail is. Its really interesting to look back and find I don’t miss it Yes I will miss the people I worked with and knowing ahead of time when a post office rule was changing but it was time to move on. I now work at the Stoffers food plant here in Springville as a GP which is a General production worker that means I get to do a number of things like dumping noodles in pans for other people to place in the trays as it goes down the conveyer belt. Or I get to break open boxes containing blocks of cheese or veggies of some sort and put them in containers to be mixed with other things, or I get to help clean the floors and make sure it does not get too messy when the people miss the trays with the food they are handling that day.

It’s a very busy place where you have to be alert at all times. It is amusing when it feels like you are playing leap frog in the main traffic isles with the other people and the fork lifts as they bring new products out to the floor. I was asked to help one day to help put noddles in the trays as they came down the belt, and I did that for a few hours and for the fun of it also mainly to keep myself from getting bored I counted how many trays I put a noodle in as it went past. I stopped counting after I did 500 trays and that was only a half hour so you can guess how much they do in a hour or in a ten hour day and it can be around 25,550. I am always moving and one good thing is I have lost some weight and of course depending on what I am doing I go home at night and be completely wipe out or very sore where I have learned soaking in the bathtub can be a good thing and muscle relaxing cream is a very good thing to have.

Lori also changed jobs she went from a House Keeper at the hospital to being a Pharmacy tec at Walmart. She did that for a couple months and then moved on to be a casher at the store and did not like doing that and so left the walmart store to find something different to do. She now works at Natures Way which is also in Springville in the same area where I work and she is also doing some form of general production for that plant. She helps to place items in boxes as they come down the belt and right now she is working with cold medicine and helping to box those up.

Its really amusing that we now both work 10 hour days and work early in the morning where she goes in around 5:00 am and I can start anywhere from 2:30am up to 4:30 am and so that means we both go to bed around 8:30 – 9:00 pm. At times we feel really old when we go to bed that early. Ha ha!

In August we celebrated our eight year anniversary of being married. still happy, still poor, and still in love. What ever life as thrown at us we have met it together and solved it together.

We had our first Taylor sibling family reunion at Accord Lake at the cabin which is located down around Salina/Richfield area in the mountains around labor day and all the kids were able to make it and we had a lot of fun on the four wheelers and playing games and chatting and chasing after the little kids.

Also had a a few problems with our computer where it finally died a few weeks ago and its one we have had for 7 years and I was hoping I could coach it to last untill Christmas and save up money to get a new one but it had different ideas. As it turns out which was a really good thing we found a old computer that was in storage and it belong to Chana and thanks to her good will she let us have it to use.

Sorry no pictures from our camera but you can catch some at the blogs of my brothers and sisters, and also catch some of the highlights on their blogs.It is now September and fall is coming and its fun to see the leaves starting to change on the mountains. My birthday along with Carey’s came and went and we had a family dinner to celebrate it. Also had a announcement where my little sister decided to go on a mission and put in her papers and recived her call to go to the Louisville Ky mission Spanish speaking. Really excited for her and if you know Erin you know she is going to be a great missionary.

Still working on getting more pictures in the blog but having issues with the camera right now. Maybe Santa will bring a new one for Christmas. Life is busy and always changing its calm enough that I can stay on this blog and keep it updated. Until then always remember to have fun where ever you are

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Chana said...

It's about freaking time!

I didn't know Lori got a job at Natures way! Wow you guys work too early. I couldn't do it.