Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crazy weather!

Its Spring!! and its the time when all the trees start to bloom and get ready for the leaves to appear I was really impressed last week when it seem to me that the pinkish color the trees were giving off was the brightest and was really pretty. I did not think it was going to last when we had a freak snow storm that just covered everything. One day it was nice and sunny and the next we had tons of snow and of course it was gone again the next day when the sun came out. I happned to get some pictures of before and after which I thought was really cool and so enjoy!

The tree before the storm!

A closer view of the pink budding leaves.

A self photo of a very good looking guy standing under the tree!

The next day when the storm hit you can see how much we recived!

The tree and its now droping branches covered with snow!

Good looking guy now bundled up again standing under the tree!


The Barton Family said...

we don't have that problem in texas......

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

It's going to be 90 degrees today... haven't seen snow since early Feb.