Sunday, September 20, 2009

Labor Day weekend!

This year for Labor day we had the second Taylor Family reunion up at Accord lake. Here some of the Pictures that were taken up there.

Chris is helping to spot someone while they shoot a gun. Addie is thinking she will get her turn soon.

Erika is helping to take care of Cooper.

Mom and Dad with all the grandkids.

Aunt Lori is hanging out with kayden----Cooper----Erika.

Andrea, Gibson, Kayden watching a movie

Lori, Jason, Chris, Sydney, Chana, Fred. Ignoring the sign as Taylor kids can!

Jared and Easton going for a ride on one of the 4-wheelers

I am about to go in the dark tunnel! Ohh what fun we have to keep ourselves entertained.

Field trip in a dark tunnel or Carey and Rachell looking for a place for a private moment.

Addie, Kelton, Gibson, Kayden. The kids are having fun at finger painting

Golf is never far off when Jared and Fred are around.

Grandma and her Birthday cake. Grandpa and Chana are waiting to get a piece of the cake.

The kids grabbing at the candy that they were playing for in a game.

Copper having fun in the sandbox.

Sydney and Jared looking very excited about something. Chris looking on in the background

Creed wants to drool over the little house that is by his side.

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