Thursday, March 18, 2010

The great remodel of 2010

5 months in the making.... hours and hours and hours to make it happen.....countless decisions made and remade.....gallons of paint used and to keep it simple one color was used on all the walls...a few extra light plugs and switches and electrical plugs added......and finally with a few things left to put away the majority of the Great model of 2010 is done. Here are a few pictures to show the before pictures and during pictures and the final pictures.

Bedrooms makeover
The bedrooms and hall painted the same color. Wallpaper in the master bedroom was taken off. The old carpet taken out and new updated carpet was put in. The closets were widened Shelves were added and painted.

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Amazing Grace said...

Wow, good work. Thanks for the pictures-we may never get out there to see it! Check out our blog,
The Gregson's