Friday, April 16, 2010

The Navajo Language

As we all know our Country was settle by the indians and over the years its been a fun culture to learn about and understand. The Navajo people are still around and its been interesting to see how different some of thier language is compared to mordern english. Good luck in try to pronounce the wording

To apologize
Navajo phrase: Shaa nídiní'aah
The literal definition is "take it off for me."

Best Friend, etc.
Navajo phrase: Yi Ahidíltléé'
This phrase means something like "stuck together with him, her, or it."

To play bingo
Navajo phrase: Naa'óí naalzhoodí
This word describes "moving the beans around".

Burger King
Navajo name: 'Áh Bikiin
The literal definition is "just enough food to get strength from".

To get burned (insulted)
Navajo phrase: Át'aa la' hóníí' 'o'oots'id!
This word literally means "his/her face caved in!

To be a butthead!
Navajo phrase: Yáadilá t'a'iiyahii!

Can't eat any more
Navajo phrase: Bidiich'ee'
This word describes the mouth being spread open wide & being stuffed

Cell Phone
Navajo name: Bi níjoobaí
This word, which literally means "one spins around with this,"

To Be cold, have the chills, etc.
Navajo phrase: Hak'az shich'i' iidííjéé'
The phrase above literally means "I was jumped by the cold."

To go on a date, go out, etc.
Navajo phrase (1): Naa nishoodí
The literal definition means "I'm going to drag you around."

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Grandma Nancy said...

So when did you learn the Navajo language? Why?