Sunday, May 23, 2010

Creative Smiles Story!

I could not resist but I had to post some of these very creative smiles that I found on the Internet. Reflecting moods, personality's, animals, holidays, objects. I seems there is a icon reflecting just about everything. Some are really funny but over all someone got really creative when they made these icons. Here are some that I found. Here is a little story I created for the fun of it.

Once upon a time there was a family called the Zolars who had alot of kids and they were always doing something that caused people to laugh at them. JP one of the youngest kids loved making faces at people when riding in the car, everytime a car would pull up besides them he would do this.... Raspberry

JJ who was one of the oldest kids was always talking on the phone no matter what what was going on around them. Call you

There was grampa who always had a smile and a joke to tell anyone who would listen Grandpa

Then there was JT who really like listening to music and rocking out to the lastest song. Music

On this day grandpa was driving them to a birthday party and KO was so exctied to go since it was their birthday and looking forward to making alot of noise. Birthday Party Blower

RA who had been sick over the last few days was feeling better and was just happy to be going anywhere. Happy

CAL was one of the smartest in the family and had these really cool glasses that they liked to wear. Nerd

It was just after Halloween and they were still talking about the Pumpkins that were still on the porch and this was one of the favorites that they were hopping would last a bit longer before they had to throw it away. 3D Jack-o-lantern

They were also talking about the bat that few in the open window of the attic and wondered when it would fly out again so it woould stop making noise at night keep them awake. Bat

As they were driving through town they came across someone that was dancing on the side of the road, They shouted with excitment when the dancer pulled off some moves that they couldn't belive. Dancing

They knew they were headed in the right direction when they saw somone walking down the road that looked like this...Star 17
Further down the road they also saw someone that was yelling out something and when they they got closer this is what they heard. Word

It was a really nice day to go this party and they were all glad that it was going to be out side under the...Sun
Back at home LU was upset that they could not go to the party, They did not want anyone to see that they had a little problem. Acne As the Car got the party there was PO outside greeting the guest and since they had a bit too much to drink they were toasting everything in site. The family had a great laugh over this as they went around to the backyard to where the party was. Cheers

They first ooh and awwd at the baby who was playing around in a crib on the grass say how cute it was Baby girl
Then they agreed with thier good friend VAL that it was true that today was It's Friday

They could not help but smell all the different flowers that were placed around the yard. White Flower
There was a huge bowl of bubble gum on the table that the guest were snacking from. Bubblegum

As they were talking with all the other guest they could not help but notice that there was a animal that kept poking its head out of the bushes that were on the of the house it was fun to watch and grandpa kept making jokes about it. Groundhog
DT who was having the party recived this toy as a gift and couldn't wait to try it and soon had all the guest lauging Hula-Hoop

HU who had to much sugar was going around pointing at people and saying "I have my eye on you" Watching you
MO found the bubble bottle stash and soon had all the kids blowing bubbles it was alot of fun. Bubbles

As the party ended they were treated by DA who learned how to dance and this was the dance they had learned. All the guest howled with laughter as they were walking out. they exctited to learn how to do the chicken dance and that was the way they left the party Chicken Dance

The Zolars had a great day and could not wait for thier next outing.

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