Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy 10 years!

Can't belive its been 10 years. We ran away to SLC and stayed in our favorite place Little America and we ate at the Cheesecake Factory which was the first time for both of us and it was GOOOOOD!!! We took away with us some Cheesecake desert and ate it later in the evening. Then we explored the Gateway mall area and just hung out. The next day we did the Sunday breakfast bar that they hold in Little America and it is to die for. really good food and the best part all you can eat. Happy Annaversary!

We were on the 14th floor!

What our room looked like.

The view from our room!

Chana's and Erins fault for Starting the Jumping on the bed picture taking.

Lori sleeping away in the nice comfy bed.

Us after 10 years!...Do you like the kids that are with us! We rented them for a day just for taking pictures. Meet Zyler (aka Kelton) and Zane (aka Kayden). Not to Worry we did not take them off the street, They are Carey's kids and Carey and Rachel were nice enough to loan them to us for this picture.

10 Years NO WAY!

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The Barton Family said...

i love looking at pics on your blog cousin Chris :)