Thursday, September 23, 2010

Breaking a World record!

During the summer growing up, us kids were always looking for something to do. One Summer I heard of this huge ball of twine that someone had created and it was now famous. I figured at the time if this guy can do it then so can I. As I looked around I could not find any twine but there were plenty of yarn around and so I found every ball of yarn that wasn't being used for anything or wouldn't be missed and i started to combine them together.

That summer I worked on it on and off and found it was not as easy as it looked. For one thing my fingers got tired and sore and then being a kid there was alot of other fun things to do that summer and so my attention was getting diverted. Plus I was running out of yarn and it didn't look good to ask Mom and Dad for money and be asked "for what" even then I knew that my answer would sound really lame if I had said "for more yarn which I need for the yarn ball I was making". After a while the ball of yarn was put away and I soon forgot all about it.

Fast forward 15 years I found out that I still had that ball of yarn that I had worked on that one summer. It seems I found a box for it and that box was put in storage. My excitement for breaking the record has mellowed over the years and it does not sound as exciting as it once did. For the moment the guy who holds the current record can keep it, but one day when I have the dollars to spare that record just may be broken.

The ball of yarn that I started all those years ago.

Another picture of the yarn ball.

The record to beat!