Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kids hard at work!

A few weeks ago before we got all the snow and everyone was still raking leaves and getting thier yards ready for winter, I had a chance to help with Jason and Jenns kids while they were out of town on vacation. The kids were alot of fun to hang out with and at one point they even helped with racking up the leaves in the yard and had fun doing it.

Izzie with her new friend the Grinch

It was funny to watch as Izzie kepted walking over to the Grinch and asked how he was doing. She was not bothered by the fact it was a one sided conversation.

Cooper can't wait to show off his mussels by lifting up the wheelburrow.

Izzie!... gotta love that smile.

The kids helping grandpa with the leaves.

Little hands helping with the work.

Cooper posing for the camera before getting to work.

The girls hard at work with Grandpa.

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