Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lots and lots of Snow!

Monday night it started to snow and it kept on snowing throughout the night and into Tuesday untill the afternoon. We recived alot of snow and Tuesday started off at 8:00am with shoveling the sidewalks and driveways and the parking lot of the 4-plex that the family helps manage. It was good to have a 4-wheeler with a plow on the front to help out since this was the wet heavy snow that was not much fun shoveling by hand. Here are a few pictures of the snow and the family helping to shovel all that white stuff.

Saw some deer passing through the yard at the parents house

Mom having a little fun in the snow while shoveling at the 4-plex

Chana looks really happy to be out in the snow.

Erin having tons of fun while she takes a break from shoveling at the 4-plex.

The family is making headway with all the snow and getting it moved.

Shows how much snow we recived!

I had to dig my car out from the snowbank left by the snowplows.

The view from my front yard.

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