Friday, April 8, 2011

April Highlights!

Help to build a Geo Dome for Sydney and Jareds kids while they were out of town. It was alot of fun and they seem to enjoy it.

Also for St Patricks day which was last month I helped build a lepercaun trap and as soon as I find the pictures I will post them.

Lori got to celebrate her 40 birthday "yikes" lol she is the oldest of the Taylor kids and looking really good, also I will post the pictures of her cake as soon as I find them.

Its spring and everyone is really excited about it. Dad with the help of the boys planted thier rows of peas in the garden and I will have to remember to thank them when I am out there eating them in a few months. lol!

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Grace said...

Okay Chris,
It is June now!! We need some new updates. Love you, cousin.