Saturday, July 23, 2011

Prade overload!

They had some very big horses in the prade!

To be able to do handstands on the back of a huge horse is very impressive!

Here come the Missionary's

The missionarys of the Prove Mission

StormTroppers, Bounty Hunters..... ohh my!

Scooby do everyone's favorite dog!

Travis is wondering is it over yet!

Governor Herbert came to be in the prade!

I spy Casey Scott a reporter for Channel 2 News right behind Jacob

I snuck a photo of him from a distance.

I have to say he is a lot skinner then I thought he would be!

The Crew of StarWars even put in a appearance in the prade!

A very tall sandperson with Jacob behind him.

The Emperior himself showed up to be in the prade.

Springville had a very creative float!

Can't forget a tank to be in the prade!

This is for Fred a golf cart on steroids!

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