Sunday, January 1, 2012


Its 2012
Here are some pictures from 2011 for the last few months.

Planning what to wear is very important when you least expect there might be someone else who might have similiar taste.

Fred teaching Creed how to eat some chips with cheese on it.

The family gathered around the counter with the food.

Happy Birthday Erin!

Ahh! family.

Cute hat!

Gibson and Kayden getting their nerf guns ready to shoot!

Kids having a great time opening thier gifts!

Kids having alot of fun!

Ahh! someone looks really cute with their glasses on.

Christmas at the Astles

Getting ready to open gifts!

A little cowboy!

A tea Party with Aunt Erin

Kids having tea and fun at the same time!

Tea anyone!

Thanksgiving 2011

Fall Pictures of 2011

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