Thursday, March 22, 2012

Catching a Lepercaun!

Saint Patricks day was alot of fun this year! I went up to help Sydney's boys build Lepercaun traps and it was a blast making them!

The start of making the trap!

Finishing the main trap!

Looking for a good place to set the trap!

Getting a trap set up, using a dollar bill to trap a lepercain.

Looking to see if we caught one yet.

The catching team!

One of the traps scattered around the room and the creator! A creative idea was to have a the end of the string tied to the box and the other end of the string was tied to wrist of the boy who would be asleep in the bed and when the trap was sprung it would tug the wrist and wake the person up. A very interesting setup.

Another trap using a dollar bill as bait.

FYI: The boys didn't catch anything but they did have a visitor who was very sneaky going about the room and scattering toys around and setting off the traps for the fun of it and leaving some gold behind. The boys had tons of fun doing this and can't wait for next year!

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