Monday, April 7, 2008

What fun this can be!

Well we managed to figure out how to put some pictures in. I am not sure who did what to our computer but we seem to be able to get access to our pictures now and be able to move them to other places.
I have to admit our blog is starting to look really good. Since we don't have kids of our own, and have pictures of us interacting with everyone else's kids and having fun with them and helping out with them. I hope you don't mind if we add some of them into our blog.
I found pictures of when I had my accident and when I got my cast on and have pictures of my foot and what it looked liked, but I don't think they are right for this blog right now. I also wanted to include pictures of the cars we went through at the begining of the year, but a certain someone who will not be named did not want anymore reminders of what happened and deleted them from the camera.
Anyway we have other pictures to work with and so this will be interesting to see what all we can do with this blog and some of the pictures that we included can be found at the bottom of our Blog. Later everyone enjoy your week

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Sydney said...

Your link to Erin's blog isn't working....

The pictures are great. Can't wait to see more.