Thursday, April 10, 2008

New ideas anyone!

Can someone let me know if you are allowed to place pictures where you want them? I would like to add pictures to the top of the blog and not have them at the bottom where you may not even find them at all. I am proud of myself I have no idea how I did it but I got the pictures to be smaller instead of being so huge.

I learned something interesting today. While back I had to replace the rim on the car that as everyone knows is taking quite a beating but still keeps on ticking, anway the rim had a slight dent in it and made my wheel have the illision of wobbling back and forth. As it turns out the replacment rim I recived had a similiar problem only I was not aware of it at the time and this was back in Oct 07. The car still drove and it was not a big deal when once a month when someone would flag me down and say my tire was wobbling back and forth. Well after a few comments I had it check and it was okay.

This past week my lucked changed I was waved down quite a few times and and people telling my that my tire looked like it was going to fall off. The final straw that drew the biggest concern was when I got pulled over by provo police who happened to have been following me for a while just to confirm what he was seeing. (no I was not speeding at any time) He was real nice about it just suggested that it be checked out again.

At that time I figured I better take it in to be check one more time and see how serious it was. if it was the the tire or something else on the car that would be far more expensive to fix. I took it in to the auto shop and found out it was the rim that I had replaced before everything else on the car was fine.
Back I went to the place where I got my rim and told my sad story and they were suprised that a (used) rim from them would also be bad. They saw for themselves what it was doing and went ahead and gave me a new rim. On a plus side the shaking the car did when you went past 30 miles per hour is gone now. I will miss the advantage where the cars behind me would say far enough back thinking that something might go wrong. so with ducktape and twine the car is still running.

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Chana & Fred said...

That's scary! Good thing you got lucky!
Are you coming to mom's for dinner? I can show my little knowledge of how to put pictures and such on a blog! Sydney is the blog pro but I can fake it...a little.