Sunday, April 27, 2008

News and more news!

Yes its amazing what happens in between the time that you don't put things in your blog. First of all: yes we did get a new car.

Honda CRV!.. No its not !! This was Dodge truck which they had on the floor and it was really nice. I could not resist getting a picture with it.

Not a honda! ....not sure what make this car was but it was sweet.... and of course I had to get a picture with it.

After several months of one car and carpooling which wasn't too bad we found a good deal and had some money saved up and so after it was all said and done we got a 2004 Honda CRV, Silver We have had it for two weeks and really enjoy it. its fun to drive and has so much room inside of it. and the most important thing of all is its still alive. Its really funny ever since we got it, we always happen to see Hondas everywhere now, never realized how many silver Hondas CRV there were untill we got ours. Sorry but we do not have a decent picture of it at the moment we will work on it.

I went down to Jason's little desert party down near Green River which seems to be UTAH's playground for those who like to play in the dirt with their dirt bikes, 4wheelers,dunebuggies and all other toys you might have or need to play in the dirt. I drove down with Carey and met up with the others that were already down there. It was fun going out on the 4-wheelers out in the deseret and exploring the trails and getting caught up in the Wind storms. Didn't camp out there since we did not bring camping stuff but ended up on Green River at one of their motels and it was a fun stay. It's amazing who you see in the middle of nowhere.

Saw people that moved away years ago out of town or state and to find that they go there often. its amazing what you learn while camping, got to watch a sobe fire bomb go off and it was interesting to learn how you make one. The trip was fun Carey and I was treated to a Cheesburger from a pub/bar before we left to go home and it was one of the best cheesburges I have ever had.

Sorry but no pictures were taken from my camera or the camera of my parents who also went down. It seem we made a effort to take camers down and then for some reason left them in the cars and didn't have them with us on our 4-wheelers as we were driving around. So you will have to take our word for it that we had fun.
While I went south for the weekend Lori took advantage of me being gone and double advange of the new car and went North for the weekend and went home to vist and had a great time. She learned that the car gets great gas milage on the freeway.
Another thing that has been going on is that Lori has found a job with Walmart down here in Springville as a Pharmacy tec she has been working with them in doing final interviews and filling out paperwork and maybe stating in the next week or two part time. She is really excited to get her foot in the door in that field of work and we will keep everyone posted on how it goes.

This has been a interesting past week and weekend. Sydney came into town with her boys and I happned to come up a night or two and help out and it is amazing how much energy those two boys have. its interesting to know that Erin and Sydney can have a bonding moment where they both cut there hair short. I don't think it was planned that way and they did it in different towns but they both look good.
That is our last two weeks in a nutshell. Can someone tell me is it possible to move the pictures around once you got it in your blog? or do you have to put the pictures in first and then work your words around it?


thetaylors said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. Congratulations Lori on the new job.

Erin Kay said...

yes it is very possible to move the pictures around either in the text form or moving the actual picture. ask me while I am here and I will show you the skill... :) p.s. thats so exciting about your new car, new job, new news! congrats! and you know also chris I am so happy that you and I had that bonding moment today while cleaning... families ARE forever! yeppy!

Chana & Fred said...

raise your hand if you think Erin is the cheesiest person in the world!! (both of my hands are raised)
Yay for new stuff!
Good job on the patio Chris! Erin owes you. Make her pay up