Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Don't blink!

The month has been really interesting so far. As everyone knows the best thing to do for mom and dad is to help around the yard. Thanks to Erin and her idea of hosting a shower at the house... the backyard got a huge makeover. For those who could not make it, you were surly missed. its too bad that we did not get before and after pictures for those of you that are really far away. The rest of you will just have to come and visit

I'm not sure how I got pulled into it. I guess I did not have anywhere else to be or something better to do on those days. or maybe I couldn't say no to Erin when she comes up with her crazy ideas. "Ha ha" I sure as anyone could guess I would have been there anyway, doing what I can to help out.

The cleaning of the yard took two saterdays and a few days during the week to get things done. Some of the little things that were done was the warped wooden boards in the back corner got moved and organized in a neat little pile back where the wood pile is. I'm sure it will be moved later on but that is a different story.
As you all recall the metal frame that covered the 4-wheeler trailer, well it is now gone. but don't worry if you were attached to it and ever want to visit it you just need to walk down the street and see it in the neighbors driveway. and the trailer was moved as well for the event and is still somewhere. and that side area was cleaned up and wow!! you would be really impressed.
As you recall the flower garden on the side of the hill that was overgrown, and had things in there which you were not sure of and nobody wanted to touch.. well it was cleaned out, thanks to Erin who did a great job and with the help of Mom planted new flowers and made it look really nice. The lawn was cut and the weed wacker was taken to a few spots that really needed it. The Patio was cleaned off and some of the things that were stored there found new homes or new hiding places. As a extra bonus It was also Mothers day the other weekend and so besides Erin having a nice place to have her friends shower, it was also a good way to have Mom get back her backyard and have a way to enjoy it more.
To top it all off we also did work on the apartments as well. The Lawns were cut the A/C's were put in and a few other minor things were done. Boy!! talk about working hard.
It was fun to have Erin in town and its never a dull moment. It seems she is out of school for the summer and has gone down to Moab to work with Jason for the summer and from the sounds of it she will be also helping out with thier kids. I'm sure interesting times are ahead.

A big plus in the Lives of Chris and Lori is that the car is still alive! Also if you remember Lori got a job at Walmart in the Pharamacy department and was going to be working there part time and full time at the hospital. On Monday Lori had the day off and recived a phone call from her new boss at Walmart who offered her a deal saying that someone had quit and would she be interested in full time. and in a blink of an eye Lori made arrangments to quit at the hospital offered her two week notice but was told to just go ahead and leave now and everything will be fine and Lori is now training and will be working at the Walmart Pharmacy. It was a nice surprise and she is loving the hours that they gave her she does not have to get up so early in the morning. and She is really excited to do something different and so we will see what kind of changes it will bring.
Again this is our life in a nutshell. A few changes here and there but not too exciting.


Chana & Fred said...

I do not believe the words you speak of the backyard. The patio part yes...I saw that with my own eyes. But the flower bed?? lies.

Congrats Lori on the new job! Does that mean no more Sundays??

Oh and way to update! It was about time!

Grandma Nancy said...

The stuff told me it wants to come home so we have allowed some items to return. The yard will slowly morf back to its old ways.

Chris and Lori Taylor said...

She will work at least one sunday a month at the moment. and yes with time the backyard will go back to what it was but in the mean time lets enjoy it.

Erin Kay said...

Yep that sure is you that I tagged on my blog! sorry I forgot to do that whole tell the person they are tagged bit. but ITS YOU!!! so you best be doing it!!! :)