Tuesday, June 3, 2008

garden action!

Well its that time once again to add something to the old blog. and yet not a whole lot has happened and so the little I can find to put in I will trying to make interesting.
Its that time of the year to plant the garden of course its been planted for several weeks now but its starting to grow more and more.
Dad decided if anyone wanted to have peas this year then they needed to help plant them, as you can probley guess he did not have to ask twice, or have to twist any arms to get it done. The peas were planted and not sure what went wrong but every other seed I planted is growing. so I tried again and this time I soak the peas over night which is a good way to start the process according the experts I planted a second row of peas and every few days I come up and do a little weeding (amazing how those things have no problem growing) and watering to help the garden along. Plus I can't forget the tomatos they are coming along very nice. dad seems to have the magic touch when it comes to growing them so no complaints here.
If you were not awear Dad put more fluff or instulation in the attic. I was not awear that was going to happen until I was up last week checking on the garden and learned what was going on. I seems I had really good timing on that day. While I was up there dad needed to move a few things around and rearrange the attic so the people could get up and do thier thing. So being the nice son I am I get up in the attic so dad did not have to. and moved things around and found a few things that were brought down that Mom and Dad had been looking for and had not been able to find for a few years now. ohh and since the christmas stuff was in the way it came down and is now going to be reorganized at some point and put back up in the attic and so its going to be a fun summer for someone who doesn't have too much to do. By the way the fluff that is now in the attic is the color white, so if you can't wait for the feeling of christmas and snow then take a trip up to the attic and your get your fullfillment of the white stuff. Also they did the same thing to the attic to the 4-plex.

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