Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Did you know!

Its amazing what you hear when someone that you know now works at a WalMart! Yes I am talking about lori who now works at the Springville Walmart as a Pharmacy tec. I learned that the Pharmacy in this Walmart is perhaps the busiest Pharmacy around. The best way to put it is that all roads lead to this Walmart and to its Pharmacy department. It seem people come as far as Vernal and Saint George. I don't write this to boast becuase the wife works there but I just found it really interesting. also I found out that Springville Walmart is going to be remodled and things are going to be changed around and this will be happening in the next few months and as a result the Pharmacy deparment is going to get a little smaller while that is going on and so it will be interesting to see what happens. Lori is doing good and has been really busy learning new things.
anyway once again that is our life in a nutshell.


Sydney said...

pictures, pictures, pictures. You need pictures on this blog.

Glad the job is going well for Lori. How's your job hunt going?

thetaylors said...

pictures of Walmart? What they don't have Walmarts in Idaho.

Chana & Fred said...

It's being remodeled? bigger? nicer?

and I agree with the pictures comments. But not of walmart.