Monday, June 16, 2008

Carnival fun!

Well the carnival came to town for art city days and I would have to say it was alot of fun. The weird part was that all the kids in the family found thier way home to enjoy it and and it was the first time everyone had been able to come home and be together for a long time. so it was alot of fun to have everyone in town and see them and their little ones. Sydney and Jared had a booth up at the park to promote Jared as a new dentist who will be moving back to town in the next few months and it was a good place to meet up with everyone and go from there. It was a riot with all the little kids around and then saterday got to watch the prade (yes its misspelled but my mind is blank on what is missing) and it was a little hot but it was fun watch the kids enjoy the prade.
anyway too bad the camera was forgotten but I sure there was a camera out there somwhere taking pictures so people can remember the fun times people were having.


Chana & Fred said...

It was really fun. There are some pictures on my blog.

Grandma Nancy said...

It was great to have everyone home for the weekend. Lets do it again.

Sydney said...

You're just missing an "A" in parade.

It was fun.