Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blog is fixed!

Well I found another reason to get a new computer. I have been trying for the longest time to fix some errors and links on our site and for the longest time it would not go through and finally found out how to get it fixed, I just had to use another computer. Anyway my link to Erins Blog is fixed and I now added Carey aand Rachells link so they don't feel they are left out and thinking we were ignoring them. Ha ha!
Anyway we found out the other day that our Cell phone contracts were up! Boy its amazing how fast two years go by and you really don't realise it. Anyway we up graded our phones which was a good thing since my menue went out on my and I could not access anything on my phone but the odd thing was i could still take and make calls. But the deed is done and our new phones are nice.
This upcoming week. I realized that there is a big day coming up and will have to write more about it later and maybe add pictures! How exciting will that be.


thetaylors said...

Pictures, pictures, pictures. Enough said.

Chana & Fred said...