Thursday, June 26, 2008

A day to remember!

The rock that started it all

Another angle of The Rock that started it all.

Can anyone guess what day it is today. You may not remember and that is okay but its not something that I will forget anytime soon. Today is the day that I decided to add some excitment while helping to build a house for Carey and his group down in Payson. I happned to come down a ladder wrong and step on a rock and break my foot, As you can see from the picture it was a big rock and it was half buryed in the dirt and I caught the top top half of it and it was enough to put me down and break my tibia and fibia Not a fun thing to do, At the time I did not know that it was broken and could not figure out why my foot was at a odd angle and when I tried to get up and coudn't then it dawned on everyone who was preasant that something was wrong as a result I had to have surgery on it and now I have a plate in my foot and with a few bolts. (On a side note at a follow up doctors visit I found I broke the plate in my foot, but the bone was knitting together and I am still walking on it.

The next following months were not fun at all In a nutshell here is the events that followed. Wore a soft cast for two weeks and being doped on good medication help with the pain. Got around on crutches which was a experence you have to try when you really have to use them. I then got real cast on and had to wear it for a month and a half still getting around on crutches. Its interesting I didn't get any pictures with my new cast on. With the help of family I was able to get around and learned to plan in advance to where I needed to go. Finally the excitng day came when I got the cast off and figured I could get back to walking right away.
Boy! was I wrong!
I found that my foot was really weak and I could hardly walk on it and so with a foot brace and a borrrowed cane I got off to a rocky start and got a little better by the time that Chana's wedding came about. It was a long and slow recovery finally I used the cane less and less and walked around with a little limp. At the preasant I can walk and if I over do it then the limp comes back and also during the cold months I now understand what they mean when your bones ache. It was a interesting experence and I learned quite a bit from it.
Here are some pictures I could not resist putting in.

The Scare I will never forget! ( more faded by now)

The other side of the food after the soft cast was taken off

Another shot of the foot after the soft cast was taken off.

The bulky cast!

Its been a year to remember. The Houses are done down in Payson and everyone is moved and doing little things like yard work to finish up. Interesting to note that I got hurt a few days before they starting to work on Carey and Rachels house. I missed the whole thing. When I finally went back I found out that with all the injuries on the site, my injury was the most serious one. As you notice I have the rock. As it turns out Dad went back later and dug out the rock and later gave it to me when I was able to get back on the site.
What a day! What a year!


thetaylors said...

We love the pictures of your leg after the surgery!

Chana & Fred said...

yay for pictures! They almost made me puke though!

Sydney said...

you need to warn us when you're putting on yucky pictures! Ugh. It looks so painful. You're such a trooper, I'd be complaining the entire time and i don't think you've ever complained once!