Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Erin-mania weekend!

This past weekend was crazy, it was non stop action all the way through. Little sister Erin is going away for 18 months to serve a LDS Church mission to Louisville Ky Spanish Speaking mission. She leaves on Dec 3rd 2008 to enter the MTC (for Non LDS people that is the Missionary Training Center). The time is getting shorter before she leaves. Here are some of the highlights of the weekend:--All the kids in the family come in for this event--Saturday morning we find ourselves Going to the South Jordan temple to see Erin take out her endowments. Had a wonderful experience there.--Later in the afternoon had family pictures taken, with 7 kids under the age of 5 and 12 adults trying to help control the kids to get the pictures taken it was a very funny and interesting afternoon. --Saturday evening went up to the Parents house to visit with everyone and at the same time help clean the house for the next day and watch the BYU vs. Utah game. --Sunday morning got up to go to Erins farewell, totally forgetting that where ever Erin goes she is very good at finding people and makes friends everywhere she goes and the church was packed. Erin did a really good job on the talk that she wrote.--After Church rushing home to help setup for the open house for Erin's well wishers including family and friends some who traveled more them a few hours one way to be there for her. --It was a Erin-mania weekend, full of laugher, visiting with friends and eating and playing with the kids. Everyone will miss Erin even by her brothers who enjoy giving her a hard time every now and then. She is starting a new adventure, and will do it in a style that only Erin can get away with and people remember her by. So let the adventure begin.

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