Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick or treat!

I found the pictures of the huge Pumpkin I saw while up in Logan.

Also found a strange family down in Payson all dressed up and going trick or treating. A strange family that consisted of A zombie, a green bird, a little dinosoure, two fairys and Zelda with pink hair.

Happy Halloween!
This year was almost forgotten, One of the main reasons of dressing up on Halloween is to go dressed up and go to work and see who else dressed up and this year since I changed jobs and it was a little hard to be in a costume while have to be in a uniform throwing noodles into a tray. I happened to get the day off and have to admit I did not plan on dressing up but on the spur of the moment when I heard Carey and the boys were going to the costume parade at moms school I threw something together and went with them. I have to say it was alot of fun. Those kids can be quite creative. It was interesting to walk in the costume parade and go through the classes and see who everyone was. there was a few mini Careys who were mini monsters it was fun to see. Kayden had fun even though he wasn't sure why we were walking around and going past so many kids who probley looked a little weird to him. Kelton would not be around Carey with his mask on, and would go running to someone else to hold him.

The Mad Doc and his creation!



I'm with kelton, I wouldn't be around Carey with his mask on either. That's too freaky!

One thing we can always count on is you and Carey dressing up for Halloween!

The Barton Family said...

It is nice to finally see pictures of you- even if theyre a little scary....keep the pictures coming :)