Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No Names!

I had to write this experence in my blog but I don't want to put down anyone or anyplace down and so I will not name names, and if you happen to guess the place good for you and I hope I don't ruin your own experence if you enjoy the place. I like the place but this Restaurant is not what it used to be. It just seems the last few times that we have gone there our order is either incomplete or we get something different then what we wanted.

My problem started when there comes a time when nothing at home sounds good to eat, and you don't want to make anything, or your not in the mood to clean up the mess from the cooking, what do you do?

I had this problem the other week in the evening and Lori was out visiting with a friend that was in town and I was left to defend for myself. I decided to go to this Restaurant. Yes it was a little busy which was not unusual, since I did not want to pull in I did the drive up window route. I place my order and then for some reason had to verify it 3 times to make sure it was right. I pulled up and was the third car in line and there were another 3 cars behind me. I did not mind waiting for a few minutes to get my food. After a few minutes the cars in front of me got their food and left and I pulled up to be the first car in line and by this time there were more cars behind me that had come had also ordered through the drive-up way. A few more minutes went by and they came out with orders for the cars behind me and so they left. Another few minutes went by they came out with orders for other cars and they left.

While I was waiting they did provide some entertainment as in the workers were running the orders out to the cars and running back in to get the next order, it must have been really fun because the manager or supervisor also got into it and was also running back and forth helping with the orders and at the same time yelling at his workers to pick up the speed.

During all of this I am still waiting for my order, most of the cars that I started out with or were there before me are gone now. and there are no longer any cars behind me. After 30 minutes one of the girls comes out and admits they had forgotten what I had ordered and could I verify it again. Once again it was verified and a few minutes later I get my order. They were really nice about it and took responsibility for it and since it took so long it was on the house and I did not have to pay for it. It was very kind of them and I thanked them for their service and left.

The Story does not end there. I took my order home and I started to eat it and realized it was not what I ordered. It was NOT my order that I usually enjoy when I go to this place, I am not sure what I got that was wrapped up but I ate it anyway and it was kind of good. I should have gone back to complain but since I ate the evidance and they gave it to me for free I did not want to cause anymore problems. It seems our running streak continues with this place so good luck to us in the future when we decide to go back.

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Sydney said...

It was Sonic wasn't it?

the Springville one is the worst! You're too kind to just sit there for 30 minutes, I would have driven off after 10! Hope you enjoyed your free meal:)