Saturday, March 7, 2009

Take a guess!

Alright so I will admit it! I saw this on another blog and just had to copy it to my blog, but I also check it out and found it on the interent and so you can't say I took someones writing. ha!

Chances You're a Mormon If . . . .

My son's a CTR, I go to PEC.
I work for CES, I study the TG.
I read the B of M,I probe the D&C.
I search the KJV, I ponder the JST.
Today at BYC,we planned for EFY,I
stayed a little after and had a PPI.
The YM and YW are putting on a play,
it's one that I rememberfrom when I was in the MIA.
Before our oldest son went into the MTC,
He helped the BSA complete their SME.
Soon our oldest daughter is headed for the Y,
soon our oldest clothing will be going to the DI.
Now if you understood this alphabet mess,
The chances are quite good that you are LDS

Additional Details - Just in Case
CTR - Choose the Right (Primary)
PEC - Preisthood Excutive Committe
CES - Church Educational System
TG - Topical Guide (the Tropical Guide for Mormons, haha)
B of M - Book of Mormon
D&C - Doctrine and Covenants
KJV - King James Version
JST- Joseph Smith Translation
BYC - Bishop's Youth Committee
EFY - Especially for Youth
PPI - Personal Preisthood Interview
YM & YW - Young Men and Young Women
MIA - Mutual Improvement Association
MTC - Missionary Training Center
BSA - Boy Scouts of America
SME - Sustaining Membership Enrollment
Y - BYU, Brigham Young University
DI - Deseret Industries
LDS - Latter Day Saint

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Chana said...

that is funny! I had to use the key though because I didn't know some of them!