Monday, March 2, 2009

What a start!

Hello! out there in crazy world!
Yes its been quite a while since we last posted anything and yes we are still around and yes as you can see from some of the pictures that we have posted we are catching up from Christmas. For those who didn't know We had a friend from England come for a visit and her name was Clare. It was great having her here with us and it was alot of fun, We had her for two weeks and she was able to recharged her batteries get some shopping down for some LDS books that are hard to come by in England and while she was here she got to spend some time with the kids who had a really fun time with her at Christmas. It was sad to see her go but we are glad she was able to come. This new year has gone by really fast and here we are in March now. Some Highlights of this new year are:

--Little sister Erin is serving her mission in Louisville Ky Spanish Speaking Mission.
--Chris is Working at the Stoffers Nestle Food Plant.
--Lori is doing well and smiles alot these days.
--We are excited to have another nephew in the family sister Sydney is having a boy in April, she will have 3 boys to have fun with.
--We had a great time up in Logan last month with Lori's family who's dad is now retired and seems to be enjoying it.
--Lori likes to bake and create new dishes for Chris to taste and enjoy, so far he is really enjoying it.
--We enjoy playing with the kids when they are in town and helping out whenever we can.
So may this year be interesting and this blog kept up to date.

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