Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bendaroos-- what fun they are!

We got to go around to Lori's brothers houses to see what they recived for Christmas the Kids of Troy were excited that they got bendaroos for Christmas and wanted to show them off and Chris could not help but join in the fun.

One of the Kids gave Tanners picture a makeover!

Caleb found out what happens when you drink too much strawberry milk!

Caleb and his bendaroo beard!

Looks like Chris will be shaving his beard later!

Gotta love the new glasses!

Looking Good!

The before picture with Hanna

ooops!!-- must of been something extra in the christmas dinner!

Not sure what to call this!

Still looking good even with glasses on.

Tanner and Hanna keeping busy at the table at Wingers

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