Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Logan!

This Christmas we were up in Logan and dispite it being a little cold it was fun to be up there.

Caleb and Hanna, and Jacob playing with some of thier gifts.

Tanner with some of his gifts.

Mayson sitting in the corner waiting to unwrap gifts.

The kids are checking thier Stockings while waiting to hand out the gifts.

Hanna, Caleb, Jacob being showing something interesting

Troy and Natalie on the couch visting with Angie who is on the floor.

Mcall sitting in the chair being cheeky!

Hunting for the gifts under the tree.

Chris recived a pocket knife and Lori showing off her Jar that has quarters in it.

Lori Counting the quarters in her money jar she recived from Grandpa.

Tanner helpiing to rip off the paper with Dad and Jacob

Tanner is sitting on his gift so it won't be taken away.

Tanner wandering around looking for the next gift to open.

Tanner not happy with Chris while trying to make gingerbread man.

Mcall, Hanna, Chris, Caleb and Mayson around the table makeing Gingerbread man.

Tanner just loves the new play horse that he recived for Christmas.

Caleb playing with his new helocopter.

Tanner and Hanna snuggleing up in Hannas new blanket.

I was lucky to unwrap my wife for Christmas.

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