Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Getting away for Christmas!

Chana had us for Christmas this year and part of the gift she gave us was a one night stay to the Zarmott Inn located in Miday. Since we were pressed for time to use the pass we arrange to go up on the 23rd of December and stay overnight and then the next day continue to Logan where we were spending Christmas this year.
This resort is very nice and we had lots of fun many thanks to Chana for letting us go.

We ate Tommys BBQ in Heber Located by the train station its was really good.

A closer look at Tommys sign.

The front view during the daylight.

The front view during the night.

What fun! we get a cabin! Mmmmm! I thought it would be bigger!

Lori thinks its going to be a tight squeeze!

Just kidding we got a really nice room. Our window is the Second row from the top and the Corner window.

A tribute to Chana we included a jumping picture. Lori had to be careful or she would hit the ceiling if she jumped to high.

This is for you Chana! Getting some serious air.

Road Signs to other places.

A hole!

Met a very nice family from the highland area and they were creating thier own fun my roasting marshmellos on the outdoor fire pits.

Getting ready to flash!


Some of the ice Castles that were created. looks cool in the night.

Another shot of the ice castles

A daytime shot of the ice castles

The ice castles were fun to see!

Had to get a shot with the bear!

Crazy fun!

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Chana said...

I'm glad you guys were able to use it!! Wahoo!

and great jumping pics!