Sunday, January 10, 2010

License Plate Madness!

Have you ever thought of getting a personalized license plate for your car and wondered what you would put on it. Would it reflect you!, or life or just simply something really dumb! Here are a few that I found that I though were really interesting.

Here are some Creative Plates and what they mean if you don't really get it the first time.

20GS-- The cost of the Lincoln Continental when the owner bought the car
22 NICE-- Too Too Nice, on a 1987 RX-7 that will be in the IASCA shows
2 3PAIR -- Too(th r)epair...get it? On a dentist's car
24 KT -- A jeweler's car
26E4U -- Too Sexy for you!
29 CRIB -- The owner is president of the Madison Cribbage Club. For cribbage neophytes, 29 is a perfect hand, VERY VERY rare.
2BENVD -- To be envied, on a Corvette
2BLND4U -- Too blonde for you. The plate was in a plate holder; the top of the plate said, "some blondes" and the bottom of the plate said, upsidedown, "are intelligent."
2BORWAT -- To be or what? Modern day Hamlet?!
2BSAVED -- Don't we all wish? ;)
2BWED -- This was the vanity plate the owner came up with for his wife while they were engaged. He hoped it would discourage any "prowlers" on the road. I guess it worked, he just celebrated 4 years of marriage with a baby on the way! Ohhhhhh.
2COY 4U -- Too coy for you

FE2O3 -- On a rusty '46 Chevy pickup...get it? Fe2O3 is iron oxide or rust
FEATURE -- On a VW Bug
FENRY -- (on a) Honda. Hint: think of famous actors.
FEOZZI -- Hint: the owner is an Australian Triathelite and remember your chemistry symbol Fe (Iron)?
FIDL DD -- Fiddle dee dee, on a Nissan Maxima (Gone with the wind ref)
FILLRUP -- The owner is in the petrolium business
FINAGL -- on a finagler's (i.e., accountant's) car
FIREBALL -- On A Fierro, Because The Engines Are Known To Blow Up
FIREDUP -- On a sports car driven by a seemingly (it was at night) attractive lady
FIREHWK -- Fire Hawk, on a firefighter's car
FIRETURD -- On A Firebird
FIT2SKI -- Fit to ski

HOT-TKT -- Hot ticket, on a Corvette with a blonde female driver. Turns out she was a travel agent.
HOWDEDU -- On a Dodge Van
HSSSSS -- (A Cobra's Hiss) On a Mustang in Dallas
HUMONGO -- Bodybuilder's car
HUMR ME -- Humor me, on a Colorado plate
HUM THIS -- On a Hummer from Denver (With Illinois plates)
HUT ONE -- Football player's car
HYPRDRV -- Hyperdrive, on a modified Eagle Talon TSi AWD
HYRTHNU -- On a small Toyota pickup with VERRRY large tires. Unfortunately, this did not intimidate the cop who pulled the owner over for speeding.

IMABRAT -- You sure are!
IMA NERD -- He looks like an LA surfer punk, but he admits he's a computer geek
IMAQT -- I am a cutie, on an actress's car
IMATEN -- I'm a 10!
IMB4U -- I'm before you!
IM BLIND -- Seen in the Pentagon parking lot in Virginia(handicapped spot?)
IMD14U -- I'm THE one for you! Seen on Vette in Baton Rouge, La
IMEZRU -- I'm easy, are you?
IMLEVNU -- I'm leaving you

MEETNM8 -- Meet and Mate
MEGOB4U -- Me go before you!
ME HURT -- On a car with a handicapped driver symbol
MI6 SPY -- A British car. MI-6 is the popular designation for Britain's Secret Intelligence Service.
MINE -- On a Lincoln Town car
MINIAC -- On a 60' Austin Mini Cooper
MINUET -- A Musician's car
MI TU U -- Me to you

NUNSRUS -- On a van carrying a group of sisters clad in habits
NVIGOR8 -- Black Acura Vigor (California)
NVMYZ28 -- Envy my Z28
NVRENUF -- Never Enough
NVRLKBK -- Never Look Back, on a DeLorian. This is in reference to the movie "Back to the Future"
NVRSADI-- Never say die on a cherry 1985 Nissan 300zx with 130,000 miles
NY AXXNT -- The owner is a fan of NY and has the original plate hanging in her office in NYNY.
NYMFEO -- New York Mafioso and proud of it!
NYOFACE -- In Your Face, on a supercharged Celica

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