Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Taylors 2010

Not long after Erin Got home from her mission, everyone was in town and it was decided to get some family pictures. Between kids having tantrums and finding the best pose we got some fun pictures of the family.

A blast from the past with the kids of the family.

A few years later and we are still looking really good.

The Taylors of Today!

A few years later and we added a few new people and plus we still are a good looking family.

The following pictures are not in any order:

Good looking parents!

The Chris and Carey are still short compared to Jason.

Introducing Chana , Erin and Sydney.

The Grandkids with the Grandparents

Jason and Jenn and their kids.

Chris and his wife Lori.

Chana and her husband Fred

Sydney and her husband Jared

Sydney and Jared with their kids

Chris and Carey the Taylor Twins

Parents + the kids + their spouses + the grandkids = a really big family

We rented some kids just for taking pictures.

Erin and her two boyfriends! Who will she choose.

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Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

I love the old pictures they are great! I think the one of your parents and the grandkids is too funny