Thursday, September 23, 2010

Toothpaste battle!

Every marriage has its silent battles that may be silly or dumb but we all have something that we go back and forth on. So its interesting to note that we all grow up being taught how to do things or use something that becomes a habit and when you get married you have two people that come together and find they do things differently. You learn to compermise or somebody may learn something new. In our household one of those things is when do you throw a tube of toothpaste away and break open a new tube. I admit that I grew up and was taught not to waste things and to get every use out of something before throwing it away. My wife it seems was taught that once the tube was half gone then it was time to get a new tube. It drives me crazy since the old tube is still good. and I will admit if I catch it in time I will rescue the old tube to where ever it was thrown and put it back in its place to be used again. If I am lucky the wife will get the message and keep using the old tube untill its gone. Sometimes luck is against me and the wife will throw it out again and keep using the new tube. Its hard to know who is right and who is wrong, but either way it keeps the marrage interesting.


Sydney said...

Throwing a half tube of toothpaste away would never fly in this house- dentist or not. That's just pure waste. I'd hide the extra tubes and maybe, just maybe a whole tube will be used if a new one can't be found.

The Barton Family said...

as grandma bandley would say..."waste not, want not" good luck Chris.....I'm sure Jared could come up with a million bad habits that I have :)